Breast clinic appointment tomorrow

Hi this is my first post but have been reading posts for over a week -
So I found a small painless lump behind my right nipple 11 days ago. Got in the drs the next day and she felt it too so referred me to the breast clinic. Appt is tomorrow afternoon and to be honest I just want to know one way or the other now… I’m 46, single parent, taken HRT for six years, slightly overweight so of course I’m thinking I could be higher risk … I’m not good with pain so worried about what will happen tomorrow
Apologies for rambling x



Hello and welcome, you will get loads of support on here from the wonderful ladies.


Never think you are rambling, this is a safe lovely place where you can say what you are feeling and we all get you.


With regard to tomorrow, you may have a mammogram and/or an ultrasound, the mammogram is a little uncomfortable but the ultrasound is totally painless.  It is possible they might want to do a biospy, which is slightly uncomfortable but they will give you a local anaesthetic first.


Let us know how you get on and we will be thinking about you


Helena xxx

This forum is fabulous and I couldn’t cope without it-the support is amazing and no question is too silly-everyone knows what you are going through.My Breast clinic was brilliant and the staff are amazing.Mammograms are a bit uncomfortable but ok-Biopsies were not painful as I had lots of anaesthetic but just uncomfortable and a bit sore afterwards.
Keep positive and just take it as it comes-not easy-I had to learn to slow my thinking down!
Keep coming on here because the support is fabulous!
Wishing you lots of love and good luck,
Big Hugs X

Hello Olly
I’m in a similar boat. Suspicious lesion was found on a breast MRI and I have to go in on Thursday for an ultrasound and biopsy (if it is visible on ultrasound - if not they will have to do an MRI guided biopsy). I cannot feel a lump but I have been having weird nipple discharge and itching. This waiting really sucks doesn’t it?! Such good luck for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes
Jojo xx

Hi and thank you so much for your messages.
Appt was at 3:20 today. Thankfully mammogram and US was clear so consultant suggested it is a dilated duct that I and my gp can feel. Feel like I’ve wasted people’s time but at the same time if gp hadn’t felt it too she wouldn’t have referred me.
I was dreading the mammogram but I can honestly say it was a doddle - no pain and not uncomfortable - just pressure.
I’m feeling extremely relieved, and would like to wish anyone waiting for results best wishes - even those reading this forum that haven’t been referred yet as they haven’t seen their GP - do it … go and see them!! it was a long 2 weeks and I can still feel what I thought was a lump but now know it isn’t anything to worry about. Sorry I’m rambling again. x