Breast clinic this Monday coming. A little nervous.

Managed to get my appointment changed from the 2nd June to this Monday coming for a scan. Will be so glad to get it over and done with and hopefully all this worrying will have been for nothing. My sister was going to come up with me but can’t make that date so I will be on my own. Did anyone take someone with you? I’ve been so stressed about waiting for this appointment. Just glad I don’t have much longer to wait now.

It is good news that you have an earlier appointment. I chose not to take anyone to the assessment clinic appointment and in fact didn’t tell anyone about it as I didn’t want family or friends worrying when the outcome was likely to be something benign. Everyone is different and if you want to take someone with you then that will be fine. At my clinic the only time your companion is with you is when you see Doctor for results which may or may not be at the same appointment, especially if you have a core biopsy or similar. My experience at the clinic was that I had a mammogram, then after a short wait while it was reviewed I had an ultrasound examination. The radiologist told me there and then that I needed a core biopsy and this was arranged for the next morning. I did take someone with me for that appointment and for my results appointment with the consultant which was two weeks later.


The waiting for results is pretty awful, but to be expected, fingers crossed everything will be okay for you.


Best wishes

Hi photomum82!


I’m also nervous though I’m nowhere near to my appointment. You only have a few sleeps left but I know probably the last day will be the longest ever. I am trying to keep myself busy with decorating the house, great stuff to keep your mind off worrying and makes you tired enough to sleep through night. Please come back and let us know how you getting on.


Take care x.

Hi photomum!


Hope everything went well on your appointment today!



So, my experience of the breast clinic was not a good one! To start, i was the only one there without anyone with me. I then went in to see the doctor and student doctor. She starts by talking to me with her back to me. I wasn’t even sure if it was actually me she was talking to at first. I quickly told her about my symptoms. She told me to lay on the bed to get examined. I lay on my back at a slight angle. She poked and prodded them and claimed she didn’t see or feel the indentation or lumps (which GP noticed). Even when i pointed it out to her, she claimed she didn’t see it. I was able to feel it! Why couldn’t she?! She sent me off for an ultrasound and i found out that she only requested to have the bottom half of the left breast (where indentation is) done even though my GP had spotted lumps in both. I waited 45 minutes to be seen again for results which the bottom half of the breast looks fine. She started going on about pain management. Now, i don’t normally have pain in my breast, only that once for 5 days which passed weeks ago. I told her i no longer have the pain. She said “But you said when i was examining you that you have pain in your indentation?!” I replied that i hadn’t said that! I definately did not! This proves to me that she was not listening to me properly! She just glanced at me and continued on about breast pain management, going on about a certain breast condition that causes pain ( can’t remember the name)…then paused and said…but i don’t think you have that! I don’t understand why she wasted her time going on about it if i didn’t have that?! I left there feeling like a silly little child that is imagining things. I felt very tearful. I haven’t been reassured. She tried to tell me that the numbness is from a breast reduction i had 9 years ago! I had to explain to her that i had full feeling in this breast weeks ago and now i don’t! She also tried to put the indentation (remember, the one i apparantely don’t have) down to me getting older! I’m 31! I asked if it is something that would happen overnight as this did! She couldn’t give me any proper answers to these changes. I know what my breasts look like and i know there are changes!


I feel it was a complete waste of my day. Left feeling embarrassed, silly, teary! I called my partner and he was so angry that she said i didn’t have this indentation! My partner, mum, sisters and friend have all seen this with their own eyes and cannot believe she said it wasn’t there. I ran all of this past them before i went to the doctors as i do not like wasting doctors time.


So, the overnight change is nothing to worry about. It is down to my age/previous operation/imagination. My family think i should seek a second opinion but i really don’t want to go through that again! My sister is a nurse and thinks they way i was treated was wrong and that i should put in a complaint but i don’t think i will be doing that. What’s the point! I can either seek a second opinion or just wait and see if i develop any new changes.


So, that is how my day at the breast clinic went. Just horrible!


On a more positive note, the nurses were friendly.

Hi Photomum
I am sorry to read that you have had such a difficult day, please feel free to call our helpliners to talk things through and for further support, lines are open during the week 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2 on 0808 800 6000
Take care
Lucy BCC