Breast Clinic Today

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and am hoping you can help. I found a small hard pea sized lump in my left breast and went for my appointment at the breast clinic today. I was examined by the Dr who said that she though it was probably nothing to worry about, probably a fibroadenoma as it was small and mobile and because of my age (30) but that just to make sure that she wanted me to have a fine needle aspiration and ultrasound but because she felt I wasn’t priority that it wouldn’t be done today, but I would have to come back in a couple of weeks to have it done. She also went on to say that it could be a cyst but unlikely because of my age.

I’m of course really pleased that it all seems ok, but equally still feel anxious because I really wanted to draw a line under it today, and feel that the next 2 weeks or so (appointment will come in the post) will still carry a small worry with me, like I’ve had the past few weeks since I found the lump. Am I being silly?? I’m just looking for some reassurance really.

many thanks,


Hi Emma,

Just wanted to say that the 2 week wait seems to be the norm, I think it’s part of their “targets” that you have to be seen within the 2 weeks.
Good luck, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you,

Little H x

Hi Emma

all I would say is that being seen within two weeks is pretty good, and although it is hard to wait, at least they have decided to test you and make sure for definite there are no problems. I have heard so many stories of women who go undiagnosed, so at least once your test is done you will know categorically whether you are clear or not.

I know how you feel, I had weeks of tests trying to work out what my lump was and finally had to have it taken out to diagnose cancer. I am so glad they persevered rather than said Oh, it’s just nothing as it is so much better to be diagnosed early than late.

If you have private health care you can often go to a clinic where they do everything the same day.

I’m sure you will be fine and try not to worry too much, although that is easier to say than do!

good luck


Thanks so much for your replies. You have really helped, and I’ll just put it to the back of my mind as well as I can now until I hear anything more. x

Hi, I’ve just been to the doctors today because I thought I felt a lump, she checked them and said there is nothing that concerns her, but has made me an appointment to have I think its an ultra scan,which is on the 5th August.Another doctor said I might have a scan with my breasts being so big. Even though the doctor isnt concerned I’m also worried and was hoping to get it sorted out today, so I know excatly how your feeling.My mum had breast cancer 6 years ago, which also makes me worried, even though she had it after the menopose etc. But my sister said at least if they find anything, the earlier the better.