Breast clinic tomorrow

I’ve got my appointment tomorrow afternoon and although still terrified about being half naked and man handled I now find myself with a rising fear other than the tests. I have what the doctor called tethering in a breast rather than being able to feel a lump. I guess I’m worried that on one hand they won’t find a cause and just leave me wondering or on the other hand they might find something and my life is about to be shattered. I have kept the whole situation to myself, husband and parents but now the day is here I feel so lonely. Everyone at work and my friends are going on about their lives whilst my mind is splintering with what ifs. I don’t think I realised how much this was eating me up until I woke up feeling sick this morning thinking it was Thursday. Did anyone else have the same sort of fears? :frowning: x

Hi Lulu,sorry you didn’t get a reply before your appointment ,hope it went ok and you got good news.