Breast clinic Tuesday

Hi, i went to the Drs at 11.30am and showed them a lump I’d found. The dr said it feels very superficial, doesnt feel like an absess or anything, she’s not to sure what it is but because ive had milky leakage from my nipple and some shooting pains and general achiness she decided to refer me. She said she doesnt think its cancer but will refer me anyway. It started out as something that looked like a spot but it never had a head and then I had major inflammation, redness and swelling round the spot and then I noticed that there was a 2-3cm lump underneath the spot. 

Anyway what shall I expect from my appointment. They just rang from the breast clinic and said appointment is Tuesday at 1.35pm and she rang because she doesnt yhink the letter will come in time.

I assume they will look at it first before they decide to do any tests or anything? 

Has anyone had anything similar to me? 


The breast clinics are usually a one stop place.

You will usually have a physical examination from a breast consultant who may then mark out the lump. They may then send you for an ultrasound/ mammogram to have a look at the lump further.

You may then see a consultant again who will possibly discuss the findings of the scans/ examination, or they may ask you to come back in a week/ 2 weeks to give you the results then. They may also just discharge you straight away! Hoorah!

Let us know how you get on :crossed_fingers:

Hi rjd, all a bit worrying finding a lump, but you’ve got a quick appointment and quick is good. If it’s a one stop shop type clinic, which most are, you can be given a firm diagnosis on the spot. My visit went like this - checked by triage nurse to make sure I really had a lump (!), then passed to mammogram area. After this I had to wait for the plates to be checked. (At this point I knew it was bad news as I saw a white starburst on one plate. ) Then back to the waiting area. Then passed on to a Consultant who confirmed that in her opinion it was bc and could she do biopsies. Agreed to this and three needle biopsies were performed . Not that pleasant I have to say, and I was pleased I had OH to drive me home. Then more waiting until I ended back with my triage nurse who introduced me to my BC Macmillan nurse and gave me a little appointment card with dates for my op, clinic with my surgeon, and details of chemo and rads. All within 2 hours. We did have a months holiday booked and I was told very firmly , and wisely as it happens, to take it. Best thing ever as it set me up for what was a very strenuous year. 
please remember that until you have your diagnosis confirmed that there is a possibility your lump is benign. I’ve got :crossed_fingers: that it is. Good luck. X