Breast Cyst removal and secondary lump

I am new to the site and am very worried. I moved to Spain from the UK 18 MONTHS AGO AND FOUND A LARGE 3CM LUMP IN MY BREAST. i WENT TO THE LOCAL HOSPITAL WAND THE DR FOUND ANOTHER SMALLER LUMP IN THE OTHER BREAST. tODAY i WENT FOR ULTRASOUND AND THE LARGE LUMP THANKFULLY WAS A CYST WHICH THEY HAVE DRAINED AND SENT OFF FOR TESTS AS THE COLOUR WAS DARK BROWN. tHE OTHER LUMP HOWEVER IS A SOLID MASS SO i AM BOOKED to go for a mammogram next week and get the results from the cyst. I forgot to ask if I could return to work after the cyst drain as I work as a cleaner with heavy lifting so am worried in case i bump it.
I am aslo scared of the results as dont know what will happen if the test from the cyst comes back negative, the language barrier is very hard to understand whats happening

Hi Niggs,
My name is Shirley and I have just finished treatment after a lump was found during my first mammogram. I too live in Spain, we are in the Costa del Sol, but in the Campo. Mine was an early stage 1 cancer and I had to have lump removed, chemo and then Rads. Which i have finished today. I just want to reassure you that the care in Spain is very good, and effcient, I have been treated really well. Most hospitals and clinics have someone who speaks English, so ask if you need help. I hope your results come back ok, and all goes well for you. I also found this website really helpful too.
best wishes Shirley XXX