Breast discomfort....

Hi there…


I have been on this site before having had an indentation a few months ago, which was seen at the clinic and was given the all clear.


A few weeks after my clinic appointment, I started to get discomfort in the same breast. Not severe, but not right? And aching under and down my arm etc.


Having read the MacMillan site this morning, it appears that there are a number of women who have had breast pain with no lumps or other symptoms, and it turned out to be cancer. That is all I have seen, cancer positive postings.


My question is (and I am going to the GP having left it some weeks thinking it would all go away but it hasn’t) are there any ladies out there who have had a similar problem but did not have cancer??? And if so, what was causing it?


My other question is to the ladies for whom it turned out to be cancer. If there were no lumps etc. how did they diagnose it?


Many thanks for reading this. Thought I was safe the last time but now find myself back on the worry train…



Hi Bassplayer,hope your GP appointment re-assured you .Most ladies diagnosed with breast cancer without a lump tend to have it diagnosed via routine mammogram and are often symptomless .As you know yourself any breast changes /pain needs investigation but there are many other non cancer explanations ,unfortunately they cannot always be diagnosed without further tests and therefore a lot of anxiety while you wait .If you have a look at the other threads in this section of the site you will see the vast majority of ladies reporting back that they have had positive news .You are doing the right thing by not ignoring any changes or symptoms as in the event of it being cancer ,the sooner it’s treated the better and there are very good outcome with early diagnosis . Good luck Jill.



Oh I am so sorry that you are having these problems, dont know if you have been to the docs yet and was wondering what the outcome was.


WHat Jill siad is exactly what happened to me, mine was found as a result of a routine mammogram I did not find a lump or anything else.  And she is so right about reading all the posts from ladies who have been through the worry of it being bc to find out that it is not and is a benign condition.


Helena xxx

Just a thought BP, what you’ve found may simply be just reporting bias, as those with the most difficult diagnoses will be more likely to report it.
There are many more benign reasons for breast pain than bc, but this is less likely to be reported as it’s not necessarily an issue others will need support with.
As Jill & Helena have said, the vast majority of women who come here with any breast symptom, do get the all clear.
Anyway, it’s good you’re seeing your gp about it & hope you get it resolved soon.
take care
ann x

Hi Bassplayer,I would give it another month and if it doesn’t settle down go back and ask for a referral .GP is right that these things tend to develop slowly over a long period of time but for your own peace of mind if it doesn’t setlle go back ,very occasionally things are missed.Its your body ,your worry so don’t be fobbed off if you do go back .Best wishes .Jill.

Set yourself a deadline beyond which if it hasn’t settled you will go back and ask for a re-referral .To put things in perspective even if you were diagnosed with breast cancer it can take over a month to have surgery sometimes longer if scans etc are needed and the surgeons re-assure you that generally these cancers develop very slowly and that a few weeks makes very little difference to your prognosis/treatment .If necessary make an appointment with a different doctor in the surgery for a second opinion .Hope it resolves itself .Jill.