breast implants advice needed

I had a right simple mastectomy after being diagnosed with DCIS and had immediate LD flap reconstruction. I went to see a surgeon the other day to discuss a nipple reconstruction and ended up talking about further reconstruction in the form of implants, he suggested implants in both breasts as mine are small and the right breast would end up being bigger than the left if I didn’t do both. Anyway, I’m in a quandry as to what to do, I have small and slightly uneven breasts (the right is a bit smaller than the left) however they look good and I have healed up now. I had a really bad time after the initial op as I got a hospital infection from the catheter, I ended up in ICU with septacemia and pneumonia so I am reluctant to go under the knife again. On the other hand I am tempted to have nice breasts again. Am I being greedy, risking my health for nice boobs?
Can I ask, will both boobs look the same, one will be a ‘normal’ implant but the right side will be placed under my chest muscle. What are the side effects, pain, loss of sensation ect? Sorry for waffling!!