Breast implants and radiotherapy treatment also fighting cancer alone

Hi there! I was newly diagnosed Monday sept 18th of this year. I have grade 2 breast cancer and they are doing a lumpectomy plus removing 4 nodes to check deeper. My question is I’m trying to preserve my breast implants but heard radiation may not work as good with them in and it may make things trickier…, what is your experience or have any of you been in this predicament and how did things work out?

Also I’m 41 separated from my ex a year October and American living in the U.K. 7 years now. If you want to contact most of my next of kin you would need a ouija board and I lost quite a few friends when he said he wanted a divorce so I’m pretty much alone outside of my chihuahua I’ve had since 6 weeks old who’s 11 now and may have cancer himself. I know I’m strong enough to do this but lonely thinking I’ll be going to all the treatments, the surgery everything myself. I have a small group of friends but they have kids/grandkids/jobs etc so are quite busy and one of my well intentioned friends said today when I broke the news "oh you got the good kind of cancer because it’s easy to cure ?! It’s a very lonely feeling going through this on my own. I am also a two-time corneal transplant recipient in chronic rejection as well as I have hereditary pancreatitis and other issues and that’s why my ex left me as he couldn’t deal with it anymore

Hi brainyblonde

I can’t help re the implant query as i don’t have any, but just wanted to welcome you to the forum and let you know that you will get lots of support here and I’m sure there will be some answers to your queries.


People really can be crass can’t they - there is no “good” cancer -though i guess she is right in a way as there are many sucessful treatment options. But we are allowed to say things like that about our own cancer, but people who don’t have breast cancer aren’t!!! (They aren’t allowed to tell us to be positive either. :smileyhappy:)


I’m sorry you feel so alone - this cancer journey can be a lonely one anyway, since no-one can really know what it is like unless they have had cancer, but the support of friends is still very important. You may well find that even though they are busy, your friends will want to support you in different ways, even if they can’t attend appointments with you. I live alone so didn’t even think to take anyone with me when I got my results from the diagnostic tests, and I took myself to all my radiotherapy sessions, though i did get a lift to hospital for my surgery and home again afterwards. Use this forum, and also there is a confidential helpline you may want to access. It’s very early days - less than a week since you were given the diagnosis - and it does take a while to get your head around it all. Take it steady. xxx

Welcome to the forum Brainyblonde, having cancer is a lonely experience even when you have people around you as it’s hard for anyone who hasn’t been through it to understand .There is lots of advice and support to be had here .Come and talk to us whenever you want / need .Im not sure re breast implant issue but I do know like you say that radiotherapy can cause problems - your surgeon will talk through the options with you .Jill.

Thank you for that! I’m really will burst and familiar with cancer because there were seven different cancers in my family and I had to take care of a lot of family members but it’s still weird having it myself now

That definitely threw me for a loop! I totally understand wanting to be helpful but at the same time that was a bit over-the-top and I had to put off my biopsy results for three weeks because I was sick from having a pancreatitis attack so was bed bound then when I finally went to A&E on the 18th and I was admitted they came and tracked me down and they didn’t want to give me the results without a friend or family member there but again at my age 41 most of my friends and my age group are busy with families or jobs so it’s hard to just pin someone down and if they want to contact most of my family they need a Ouija board or their 7000 miles away the few I have left surviving LOL

Well versed! Sorry for any typos I’m using auto correct and talking to the phone while I clean LOL

They were talking mastectomy then we agreed to try and salvage the implants but I may still wake up with righty gone. They haven’t mentioned chemo yet as I’m immunocompromised from mybtransplant rejection drugs and thank you. I forgave her but won’t forget that’s for sure! Where I live they don’t really have support groups either which make it a bit hard so I’m glad I found y’all