I thought I should start this thread on breast implants. I don’t mean to discourage anyone but feel women need to have improved knowledge of these implants while making decision. I know in some situations implants are unavoidable at least as a temporary measure particularly after BC surgery but full information may not be available at the time of dx and surgery.

I had a skin and muscle sparing mx and a temporary recon with silicone implant inserted 2 years ago after my Dx. Plan was to do a diep as a delayed reconstruction. I refused immediate LD flap offered by my initial surgeon as it always involves putting an implant (he didn’t do dieps).

Just 3 weeks ago I had my diep when the implant was removed. For the last 18 months or so I had developed multiple joint and some muscle pain which has been causing problem for me. Myself and my treating team all blamed oestrogen deprivation caused by Tamoxifen for all this. In fact hip and knee joint pain was one of the reason I was so worried about my mobility and recovery after a big surgery like diep. After this diep operation my joint and muscle pains and stiffness have subsided quite a lot and I am wondering what was the cause? Was it the implant which was making me produce auto-antibodies against my own tissues??

Research is still ongoing on safety of implants and new information will keep coming. Breast implants were being used without FDA approval in USA for about 30 years (both for BC and for augmentation surgery) until silicone gel implants were withdrawn from market in 1992 due to safety issues. Results of subsequent studies did not come out with definite conclusions (due to studies being conducted on women who had implants only for relatively shorter period of time).

However results of several other studies showed some health hazards associated with breast implants, both local and systemic complications mainly Rheumatic like joint pains etc due to auto-immune like disorder associated with breast implants. There is also some evidence that patients with breast implants are more likely to develop some kind of cancers (e.g. brain, lung).
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