Breast lump that moves

Hi nice to see everyone’s posts!! I’m only 23 years old and at the bottom of my right breast have a Kinda large link that moves! Went to the docs and been sent to the breast clinic im so worried and as my appointment is getting closer and I can’t eat or sleep!! My doctor said it might be a cyst but she is to unsure to say for sure!

Hello Megan. The fact it moves is good news. The majority of lumps of this kind are benign cysts. However even if, like me, it turns out to be cancer a lump that moves means it is not attached to anything and the outcomes are much better. It also means it is less likely to spread to surrounding tissue or beyond the breast. I am 12 months from diagnosis and am cancer free. I wish you all the best and hope it is a cyst.


Love Amero xxx