breast needs o be drained all the time !!!!!!!!!

hi all i had my op on the 19th may lumpectomy. i didnt need drains in so i was home the same day…back for results on 2nd june. i have been back up to hospital twice to get it drained and its swelled up again monday night…how long does this go on for ?? xxx

As with just about everything to do with this stupid disease, it all depends on the individual. Some people have had no problems at all with seroma, others have had on-going seroma problems that needed draining for months. I know that’s probably not what you need to hear, sorry, but at least you know you’re not out of the ordinary, even though it’s a pain in the bum to have to keep having it drained.

yes i suppose…everyones different…its ok i would rather have it drained all the time than be stuck in hospital and be away from my son…thanks chocciemuffin. hope your okies xxx

I’m very okies, ta, LL (great phrase!) but really should be heading off to my pit - should’ve been there hours ago, just spotted the time!

Night, and hope you can get it drained again tomorrow, it’ll be much more comfortable.

I have had an ongoing seroma for 17 months, and it’s still producing 360 mls of fluid per week despite surgery to correct it. Unfortunately, my body decided to create a capsule in the mastectomy site, and keep filling it with fluid - so they had to remove the capsule surgically. However, because there is a possibility the capsule will reform, they have to drain the site every week. They have given me a compression bra, which has helped a bit, and are now contemplating injecting steroids, but other than that seem at a loss to know what to do.
Please don’t think this will be your fate though. Generally speaking seroma’s learn to sort themselves out.

In the end I had mine drained about 6 times over a period of months. Sometimes two or three times is enough and then it starts to reabsorb. I was so worried it would never stop but then all of a sudden after the last time I had it drained it began to flatten and heal. It’s not uncommon but it’s a real nuisance. Elinda x

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