breast pain, lumpy tissue, discoloured nipple

been experiencing serious breast pain, i can feel lumpy tissue underneath my skin and it feels like there might be a lump there but i’m not quite sure. also my nipple is a really odd colour, its almost blue in places and dark brown, its never looked like this before and my other nipple is its normal colour. i’m worried about this because ive heard that these can be symptoms of breast cancer, my mum has it right now and her mother has had it before as well. any help would be appreciated, i haven’t been to see a doctor recently because when I went before they dismissed it as a possible gland related problem, but it’s been getting worse and they cant fit in an appointment for me for a few weeks. thank you for any help!

Hi Lolaflower.

I’m no medic, so I cannot comment on your symptoms. All I can say is you need to contact your GP for an appointment as soon as possible. If you explain your concerns and family history, surely they’ll fit you in???

Most doctors will do a 2 week referral through the NHS, so ask for that. The doctor should do whatever it takes to put your mind at rest!

Please go back and try again… Best of luck, Mel.