Breast pain on and off 5 years

Hi I was diagnosed with BC in left breast in 2017, had Lumpectomy plus radiotherapy and then Tamoxifen for 5 years. Been doing well except for a nipping feeling in left breast which was told it was nerve endings. Recently feeling got worse and my GP referred me to breast clinic where I got mammogram and ultrasound and was told I had scar tissue. The only thing that bothers me is if I turn a certain way the pain shoots through my breast and literally takes my breath away. The rest of the time I have good days and bad days when the scar tissue pulls a bit but painkillers help. Does anyone have the same problem

Hi Lizzy1

Thank you for posting.

After surgery for breast cancer and in the months and often years that follow it’s common to feel some pain and discomfort. You may experience different sensations such as a burning feeling and also sharp shooting pains. Ongoing (chronic) or persistent pain may be caused by damage to the nerves. A combination of surgery and radiotherapy can leave you with scar tissue that can sometimes pull on the muscle behind your breast which causes this pain you are feeling on certain movements.

It’s good that you have been reviewed and reassured by your GP and local breast clinic. Sometimes this pain can persist and we know this can affect quality of life. Wearing a well fitted non-wired supportive bra can help and using topical painkillers such as ibuprofen gel if you are able.

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