Breast pain on FEC

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question that I’m hoping someone might have an answer to.

I had my first FEC on Thursday, after being diagnosed with BC last Wednesday. Yesterday the tiredness hit home, but thankfully the nausea & heartburn are managable.

I’m a bit achey (fluey I guess), but my main problem is that my breast REALLY hurts. Proper ache and so sore I can hardly move my arm, and certainly can’t lean on it or lay on that side.

Until diagnosis I was breastfeeding, so not sure if that’s relevant as I did my last feed almost two weeks ago now.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Rebecca x

I’ve had 3 FEc after a WLE and for about 4 weeks in the middle of the 9 both my breasts were very tender, so much so that I found sleeping v uncomfortable.

Have no idea why or if it’s connected!! Hope you feel better soon, but make sure you tell the onc.


A x

Thanks Juddiv, sorry you had this horrid pain too

The pain is now so bad I can hardly move my left arm as it brushing againstmy breast is agony.

I’m having a wig fitting (Yay!) tomorrow, so will check in with the chemo nurses then I think



probably bit late on the thread looking at the date but my surgery consul told me if i felt pain in affected breast especiallyafter FEC then it was killing the tumour. She didn’t seem the type to patronise to make me feel better, so maybe that could be it.

hope this helps


Hi Ladies

Already had mastectomy and have had 2 FEC on both occasions Ive had paib ub mast site afterwards - have you had surgery yet or not? I have been doing the exercises they give you to do after surgery and this seems to help a little.


hi karen

no surgery yet, they are trying to shrink it first as tumour very fast growing. only just started on chemo FEC 2 more to go then 3 x TAX , surgery 6 weeks after and then radiotherapy.

take care jayne