Breast pain still after 4 years.

I was diagnosed in January 2010, had the lump removed with 2 ops. Had 6 Fec chemotherapy and 3 weeks of radiotherapy, all treatments were finished by the end of September. 


Just had my yearly mammogram and got the all clear but each time I go to the Breast Clinic I tell them the pain I have in my breast is getting worse. I had an ultrasound also, which showed I have a lot of scar tissue,  which they think could be causing my pain. I am being sent to the lymphoma clinic for massage!  


Anyone had a similar problem? 

Hi Annie13, I am in a similar situation to you. I was diagnosed in April of 2010 also and had a lumpectomy,chemotherapy and 6weeks of radiotherapy. I finished all treatment by the December. I had a reduction in my good breast last April and my 4th mammogram yesterday and both this one and last years one was very painful. To be honest with you, my breasts seem to be getting more and more painful over the years,but I haven’t mentioned it to any of the doctors or nurses at the hospital as I thought this was how it was supposed to be from now on. Hopefully someone will come along soon who has sought help for the same condition and give you some helpful advice. Good Luck at the clinic xxx

hi all, this is my first post, been thinking about saying something for a while,had lumpectomy aug 2012 lucky for me only leader nodes removed,then 3 weeks radio…and 5 yrs tamoxifen, comapared to most i got off VERY lightly!..point being i also am having pain & discomfort in all of the breast had op on, and down side under arm area,so im glad really to hear im not on my own,also get lot of discomfort in my nipple.I didnt know if i should say to anyone really… coz i feel one hand saying some people hav no breast to moan about anymore, on the other hand "is this right how mine feels?is it all part of the process?

so reading annie 13…looks like could  it can b for much longer ,

Hi I’m new to forum. I was diagnosed dec 6, 2011 with TNBC and was also a carrier of BRAC II all this was all told to me right before Xmas. Then there was the waiting game because of holidays by that time my tumor grew from 2.5 cm to 5.5 cm then was told the only treatment was chemotherapy was the best treatment so started chemo jan 9 2012 had 8 rounds of adrismycin and 12 rounds of taxol good news was after 3 rounds of adrismycin. No signs of cancer continued with taxol surgery 6/20/12 had lymph node dissection and a bi-later mastecomy no cancer in lymph nodes and NED found I

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Hi ladies

I get pain in the breast that had a big lump removed, but no pain on the other breast where a small lump was removed. Since I got some structured underwired bras to give mega-support, I am so much more comfortable, and believe the pain is due to scar tissue from surgery pulling on healed bits, so I don’t worry about it now. The surgery was 4 years ago and the pain didn’t occur until 3 yrs afterwards.

Hope this helps …