Breast pain - worried!

Last weekend in the shower, I noticed my left breast felt a bit harder in one area than the other. I’m rubbish at checking my boobs and didn’t think too much of it. During the week, I noticed my left breast was hurting when leaning down, kind of like it wa seeing squashed or I had been hit in the breast. I saw my doctor yesterday as I was concerned I’d also found a lump. She checked both breasts and said she couldn’t feel anything that seemed like a lump, she could feel the normal duct related things. She commented that the left breast does feel firmer than the other and has referred me to the local breast clinic who will contact me within two weeks. 


I have been mostly calm until this afternoon, now I’m worried sick. My breast is still hurting if I bend over and I’m very aware of my breast - it feels like it’s more in the way if that makes sense, but that may just be because I’m hyper aware of my breast at the moment. I’m unsure if the breast is larger than the other one than it usually is. The left one has always been bigger, I don’t usually study them in such detail so I don’t know if it’s just my hyper awareness again. 


I have also been having palpitations lately, but an ECG found my heart to be ok. I’ve also a few days where I’ve felt a bit light headed. I do tend to be quite anxious a lot of the time so I’m hoping those things are related to that. I’m trying to remain calm but it’s very hard. :frowning:




Hello and welcome to the forum. 


Its good that you have gone to your GP and got a referral, but that does not mean that it is anything sinister, your GP is being proactive in getting you checked out.  The breast clinics do not just deal with cancer, there are other benign breast conditions that they are experts in treating.


I think , as you say, you are being hyper aware because the anxiety monster has taken over your rational thinking, which is something we all know so well on here. If you do suffer with anxiety anyway this is will be adding to it.


Try, and I know it is not easy, to distract yourself whilst you are waiting for your appointment to come through.  When a GP refers a patient to the breast clinic they should be seen within 14 days from the date that the referral was received by them.  If you get an appointment date very quickly please do not get concerned about it, it is probably because they have slots available rather than to do with the urgency.


Come on here whenever you need to there will always be someone who will be able to help and support you whilst you are waiting for your appointment.



I think the pants helped. I had my appointment today. The issue has been with my left breast but the doctor actually found a lump on my right breast so I had to have an ultrasound. The ultrasound was done and all seems to be ok, it looks like I have dense tissue on both breasts especially in the area where the doctor felt a lump. The radiologist was very good and showed me how both breasts looked the same.


Thank you Helena for your help and kind words, it really did help as I remembered the pants as I was going in for the ultrasound. :slight_smile:


Claire xx