breast pain

Hi, I’m 47 years old…About 3 months ago I started having a tingling sensation behind my nipple, I have inverted nipples anyway…but when I had this tingling sensation my nipple would go smaller and in a bit…I also had a funny sort of shooting pain in my breast. I mentioned it to the nurse at the Dr’s whilst having blood pressure review. She advised me to check my breast in quarters… to check for discharge in my bra…and go back if it’s still the same in 6 weeks. For the last week I have had what feels like a swelling or thickening at the top of my breast,where it attaches to breast bone…my breast and under my arm is tender, I have discomfort in my collar bone. I have been to the Dr’s who examined me and thought he could feel a small breast tissue lump about an inch above my nipple…when he pressed on it The pain got worse in my armpit…I have been referred to breast clinic appoint Mon 15th…Can anyone relate to these symptoms and what was the outcome for you…

Hello Karen, 


I know you must be really worried right now, and I’m glad you’ve got an appointment in a good time frame. It’s  tricky this symptom thing,  everyone is so subtly different to everyone else in how they present. Also, benign and non benign conditions really can’t be told apart without careful assessment of images, even then benign and non benign often can’t be told apart without a biopsy. So, you see, unfortunately although you desperately want an answer now, as it’s natural to be that way, the distressing reality is that it’s going to take your clinic visit to start giving those answers. 

Some people come here with various symptoms, and after a horrendous wait they are given the all clear and told it’s a benign condition, some of course get a bc diagnosis. The majority of breast ‘lumps’ are benign, but of course this won’t stop your anxiety abOut the alternative possibility.

I have had a bc diagnosis; a year ago,but now after treatment all is well. I did have pain right at the top of my breast practically on my ribs, and I did have thickening there, I was also 47 years old. However, of course, none of this means that what you are experiencing is breast cancer. The important thing is that you have sought prompt medical advice after noticing changes, and will be thoroughly checked with ultrasound and mammogram at the clinic. If it is a one stop clinic, which I hope it is, then a consultant should be on hand to view images immediately and biopsy if necessary if any anomaly is found. There is a wait of a few days if a biopsy is taken. 

I know it’s so terribly hard waiting for that appointment, but hold onto the fact that even IF this turns out to be bc then it’s very treatable nowadays. Stick with us on the wait, we will do our best to help with your fears. X