breast pain

I still have intermittent pain in my ‘good’ breast it is most days some of the time.I saw my onc in April and he said it felt fine.I certainly cant feel a lump or anything[but I never felt the original tumour].It seems to be around the biopsy site[both sides were biopsied Sept 06]but surely that wouldnt still be sore?It doesnt hurt more if I poke it but comes on if I am just sitting.I told onc and GP and they just said its fine.What do you think?Am I nuts?It just niggles away at me.Could it be that biopsy site?The biopsy for that side was clear as was my one year mammo in October.Thanks for any input.Valxx

hi Val,
I finished all treatment in Nov 2008, and I still get ‘tingling’ sensations in one or both breasts that come and go, i also fing if i am especially tired I get it. I have been reassured by my onc, breast cancer nurse and my lovley mum who had BC 2 years before me that this is all normal. it is like the other breast is giving sympathy to the poor one. Of course it is good to et checked now and then and ask doctors and queries. I still get pains now and then and so does my mum who 2 years after treatment still have them.
Hope this helps and rests your mind a bit

N xx

Thank you Nadia it does help to know that Its not only me.Vxx