Breast Reduction of the other breast

Can anyone help me. I had a diep reconstruciton last september and am due to have a reduction on the other side on th 15/10. Can anyone tell me anything about it ie recovery time etc. Know they are only keeping me in hospital one night.

Hi Joanni,

I had a therapeutic redction of the right breast as I had removal of DCIS and reconstruction on the left breast (I was a 34 JJ). I am now an even 34 D/ DD. I had all of my surgery done at once. Drains were removed after 2 days and the scars have healed well. I went running after 6 weeks but it was a bit sore on the therapeutic reduction side so I haven’t run for 2 weeks but intend to start again next week. I wore a good, supportive sports bra day and night for the 1st 6 weeks and I think that really helped. I also wear a bra from Debenhams (non wired) that is the softest that they sell and that is my most comfortable one to wear. It is still uncomfortable to sleep on my right side but I haven’t had any pain killers since the 2nd day post- op so it’s not that bad really. I’m having radiotherapy now but otherwise, everything is ok.

I hope that this is helpful and I wish you good luck- I have no regrets!