Can anyone advise if they got any breast tenderness from taking tamoxifen.

I am on tamoxifen and herceptin but am experiencing a lot of discomfort similar to what you would suffer before a period.

Anyone else suffer like this.


Yes Jenny. I have been on Tamoxifen for a year. Changed to Nolvadex d a few weeks ago and feel permanently like my period is about to start but that too stopped about 2 months ago. It does go. I even thought I was pregnant at one point as I felt sick too but then realised that it would have to have been another “immaculate conception”. I don;t really think it is changing brand of tamoxifen that has done it, more giving up my anti depressants and I am back on them again now.

Best wishes

I’m on Tamoxifen after surgery in May and June. I’m experiencing pain and discomfort which worried me alot until I heard through Breast Cancer Care and others that this is not unusual. I’m hoping it will eventually go away.

I also have periods of nausea. It never occurred to me that is could be caused by the tamoxifen.

I’m on Nolvadex D after WLE last November. Finished chem then rads in the summer. Recently, side where I had surgery is a bit uncomfortable and sometimes get shooting pains. Have searched this site using " Breast Pain" and have found the posts relating to this very useful - it has put my mind if not at rest, at least less worried than I was. BCC also has info on this. It seems to me it’s not unusual. I’m going to mention it at my mammo in January, but for now I’m going along with theory that surgery, chemo and rads are traumatic and that it takes time to heal completely.

Thanks for your replies everyone.