Breast thickening on left breast and slightly on right

I am currently awaiting an MRI scan following chest pains and a slightly raised chest on left side. Saw two gps who told me it was muscular, but I know my own body so took myself to A&E where a suppressed brachial nerve was diagnosed. I took my discharge letter to my Gp where he did a proper exam and noted the thickening.  I have a young daughter and am so scared of it being breast cancer.  My only hope is that I am not to late in getting this sorted. Has anyone else had similar happen to them? I would appreciate any comments. ?

sorry my story is very different to yours, but I did share the worry about having to wait and hoping that things werent too late. I know it sounds worrying but thickening is often not cancer, and it could just be natural changes in your breast. Try to distract yourself as much as possible and I hope that you will get seen soon.

Have you now been reffered to a breast clinic? I have 2 thickenings one on each breast on top of ribs at the top of my boobs. I’m currently under investigation with microcalcifications and a fibroadenoma but have only so far seen by a radiologist here in spain after a routine recall. I haven’t had a breast examination yet. (I’m in Spain.) My thickenings have not shown up on either the magnified mammogram or ultrasound. I’m having a core biopsy tmw. I’m interested to know how you get on with your thickening.