Breast Thickening - Petrified

Picklepot ! I’m so glad you came back to update, having been checking the thread often. I am full of admiration for your courageous and strong approach…that’s the way to take on treatment with a strong and positive attitude. I didn’t have chemo, but I certainly smiled my way through rads, thankful that I was going to be given every chance of successful treatment . There are lots of threads on here from people having your type of chemo…and there will be some starting at the same time as you. Sharing the tears, laughs, hints and tips is such a good way to get through treatment. Xx

Forgot to say, you must be so relieved that your bc is contained, that is really great news !

Picklepot, I have just read through this thread and feel so emotional!
I havent been diagnosed with anything , but have strong family history and the indentations like u mentioned and my breast has grown… alot!
I am 29 and awaiting my ultrasound in 2 wks after seeing consultant this week…
I just wanted to say wow… reading the emotions you have been going through… you are so strong and you are such an inspiration.
I wish you well x

Oh Hun x I’m sending you a massive hug X
I hope your appointment turns up with nothing more than something very simple xxx
A lot of the time it’s not worst case scenario Hun x

I definitely found that all the waiting and all the uncertainty was absolutely the worst part as everyone was telling me X
Of course I’m nervous but I feel very well looked after and very ready to crack on with treatment xx you find an inner strength you never knew existed and that for me, comes from all the positive stories that there are nowadays xxxx
Massive hugs Hun and lots of luck xxx