Breast Tissue Thickening???


I’m new to the forums, but have been reading them for a week or so now.

Basically I found what I would have called a small lump in my left breast about 8 weeks ago. I didn’t think anything of it because i’d only just finished my period. Then 2 weeks ago I wore a new low cut halter neck dress to a friends wedding and noticed my left breast looked larger, maybe a cup size bigger than my right. I assumed it was just my new bra or dress holding me strangely. However when I removed the dress I again felt the lump in my left breast.

I left it for 5 days before seeing my Gp. When I went she felt both my breasts and described what she felt as thickening, it was also a little tender when she pressed it. She gave me antibiotics but insisted I came back in a week. TBH she looked a little concerened, I left feeling more panicky than when I went in.

I went back and the thickening was still there but not really tender anymore (i think i’ve pushed and prodded so much i’ve got used to the pain)!! It starts behind the nipple and rises up towards the top left of my breast and feels about 1cm ish across.

I have now been urgently referred to the breast clinic this was 2 days ago but have yet to be called with an appointment. I’ve been told it will be within 2 weeks.

I’m really worried about it, but feel stupid for panicking. I’m only 28 and family and friends i’ve mentioned it to keeps brushing my concerns aside because of my age.

Can anyone help, I really feellike I need to speak to someone with some experiance of this.

Sorry if i’ve gone on a bit. Larraine x

Dear Larraine

Welcome to the BCC forums, I am sure some of the other forum users will be along soon to offer you support and advice. While you are waiting you may find it useful to have a look at the BCC booklet on referral to a breast clinic. It can be found by following the link below:-

Please also use the helpline for further support and a ‘listening ear’ if you feel this would help, the helpline number is 0808 800 6000 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Best wishes

hi you did good going to your doctor. i waited a long time before i even thought about it. you should keep yourself busy its the waiting that gets to you before what is happening to you does the clinic should send a letter to you most are very good i know its hard but talking to people makes it easier to deal with its a giving it a voice makes it better. ive just had my appointment at the clinic and have got to go back for a biopsy in the next few days. this is a good site just to talk you got a lot of support from people and the people running it are good to talk to you can ring them on monday. but hope you feel better just writing it all down. just hope you dont have to wait very long…

hope you get the result that we all want.

Hi Larraine,

I am sorry to hear you have this worry at such a young age! Sadly it is not unheard of for young women to get breast cancer - but then again many lumps are not. If you don’t get your appointment soon I would chase this up. There truly is nothing worse than the waiting. It is such a stressful time and I really feel for you. It may be an idea for you to also post on the Younger Womens forum - I do know that there are some around in your age group. I hope they will see your post and respond soon. I was diagnosed in my 40s and am now in my 60s :slight_smile: - and there are a number of us who are going strong after many years - I hope you are not going to be joining us - meant in all the right ways of course.


Thanks Tracy,

My Gp said the hospital would call with an appointment pretty quickly as she faxed my referral thursday when I saw her last, hopefully i’ll know mon/tues when my appointment will be. I do hope your biopsy comes back clear. I’m trying not to worry too much but 2 weeks seems like such a long time. The worst always goes through your mind though no matter how hard you will for it not too.

Take care, Larraine x

hi larraine

thats good of your doctor mine was not so good because he couldnt find a lump i had to wait eight weeks but just glad that i have got the ball rolling. just when you go to the hospital have something good to read and take someone with you i left mu hubby with our boy and took my mum with me she was so good a tower of strenth for me as its hard for her as she lost her sister to breast cancer just two years ago. just have to keep your chin up i know its very hard to do but it helps to talk about it. im sending you a big hug as i know that makes me feel a lot better. just hope you don`t have to wait long to get it looked at best of luck.


Hi Larraine,
I found thickening and left it for 3 weeks as I thought it was not a ‘lump’. My urgent NHS referral was just over 2 weeks to wait so went privately. I don’t know whether this is possible for you, so I apologise if you cannot manage it. I phoned the private one and they saw me the next day and I got a diagnosis in under 2 hours, mine cost £450 but I think this was very cheap so check if you go ahead. Sadly mine was cancer but I still see the same consultant, nurse, everybody so it also got me onto a good team. They told me at 6.45 on a Friday and I was in the NHS clinic at 10.45 on the following Monday having my biopsy. By the time my NHS appointment arrived my surgery was booked and everything else done. I really don’t want to worry you any more, remember that most lumps are not cancer but they often still remove them. I wish you lots of luck and hope you will be ok. We will be standing by though.
Big hug
Lily x

Hi Lily,

Unfortunately I can’t really afford to go privately, if only I could, I hate the waiting. Hopefully I may get in quicker than the 2 weeks, my friends mum was seen within a week not so long ago, so hopefully it will be quick for me too.

I’m sorry that your tests delivered the dreadful news no one wants to hear, I hope any treatment you’re having is going well. I guess i’ll know soon enough myself if anything is wrong.

Take care, and big hugs to you too, i’ll keep everyone informed as to what’s happening, i’m sure i’ll have loads more questions.

Larraine xxx

hi larraine.

you will have lots of questions this is the best place to find out whats going on and you can ask lots of questions someone will be able to answer them for you hope you get the results that you want.

tracy x x

Hi Larraine,
I’m sorry I mentioned that, my Mum paid for mine. A lot of people holiday abroad now and it is less than that, so thought it was worth a mention. Thank you for your kind words. I am ok, had 2 lots of surgery, which was not as bad as I expected and now half way through chemo. I just think about the next thing I have to do and enjoy all the good days in between. You know most people with BC say it doesn’t hurt, so I am hoping you will be lucky.
Take care and lots of luck. You know where we are if we can help
Lily x

Hi Lily, don’t be sorry for metioning going private, I would have done it but had only, 1 week ago, paid for our holiday with our savings for next year, sods law isn’t it!

Just to update everyone, the hospital have lost my faxed referral twice and finally said they recieved the 3rd attempt at sending it from my doc yesterday. So unfortunately my 2 week wait will be from yesterday rather than last thursday as it should have been. It’s really frustrating that it’s been lost, the wait is arwful anyway without it being made longer by someone in an office that can’t file things properly! Will let all know when I finally get my appointment.

Thanks again for all your advice and best wishes.

Take care, Larraine xx

Hi Larraine,

The worse thing about it all is the waiting the best thing to do is try to keep yourself busy i know its hard i had to wait six weeks before i could be seen. the best thing to do is to take your mind off it is to read a book or something just keep busy and the time should go quite quick. hope it all goes well for you. best of luck.

best wishes.
Tracy x x x

Hi larraine,
I can’t believe they lost it, I would have been so cross. Can I suggest you take holiday insurance out now, if not already done just in case you are unlucky and get a long run of treatment, mine is 10 months off work. It is also very hard to get insurance once diagnosed. Hopefully it is just a precaution and don’t mean to worry you but better safe than sorry. If it is bad news a lot of things change very quickly.Lets hope you are a lucky one.
Wishing you lots of luck
Lily x

Hi, Just to let you know I got a call yesterday and my appointment is on Monday morning. Only a few days over the two weeks so not bad considering they got my referral a week later than they should have.

I was told by the receptionist my consultant has booked me in for an ultrasound and then they’ll taking it from there. I’m really nerveous but glad that the appointments nearly here, I just want to know what’s wrong, if anything.

Lily: Thanks for the tip on travel insurence, i’ve taken it out ready for my holiday next year thanks to your advice. Something like that hadn’t even occured to me.

Thakns again for everyones support, big hugs Larraine

Great - lets hope its nothing to worry about but at least the waiting to find out is nearly over!

Hi Larraine,

Glad you have got your appoinment i was very worried about it before mine but it was ok they are very nice as they seem to know that you will be worried about it all an ultrasound is wet but not to bad. have got my test next week worried but just try to keep your mind on something else. so glad that even after losing you file which they shouldnt have done at all you havent done to bad. an ultrasound tells them quite a bit. the waiting is very hard your mind plays tricks on you i have got to have a biopsy next week and looked it up that night i had such a bad dream that the machine was chasing me around trying to stab me. so it strange how your mind works…

Big hugs

Tracy x x x