Breast tissue thickening

Hi im new to this forum i have just been referred to breast clinic under 2 week rule for 'thickening of breast tissue. Before i was aware of this thickening i knew something wasnt quite right as my breast felt ‘different’ when for example my seat belt was pressing on it…anyone else experienced this??

HI - I had thickening as one of my symptoms. I could only say it didnt feel the same…! Mine turned out to be cancer, but not most people will just have normal breast changes. I know its impossible not to worry, but hopefully you will get good news at your appointment.

I had the same & my boobs felt sore, unusually tender but I’m going through the menopause & when I googled symptoms they seemed to be normal with that. Luckily my first mammogram appointment came. A lump was found in my left breast which couldn’t be detected by touch. So I’m now awaiting treatment. This doesn’t necessarily mean yours will be the same some breast changes are quite normal but needs checking out just in case. Anita x