Breast ultrasound results

Hello i am new to this and Idk if anyone can give me a clue as to what i was told today.

Last week i went in to get a breast ultrasound done because ive had pain in my left breast as well as swelling what i thought was abnormal discharge and a small lump under my arm. Today the clinic called me to give me the results but it was weird how they told me. Usually when i have gotten other scans done for differnt reasons they will tell me there was nothing abnormal if they dont find anything for this scan though they said they didnt see any discharge. Didnt mention anything else about the scans at all but said my dr wants me to come in to get a couple blood tests for thyroid and a hormone test. I am wondering if anyone else has had a situation like this where they dont tell you all the results and what happened…

Hi Cheyennerr

Sorry that you haven’t had a response to your question yet.  You may find it helpful to speak with one of our specialists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

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