went docs 20 still heard nothing rang doctors said referal was only done friday but doc says if heard nothing by the 4/7 to go back and see them doing my head in now as i want to know whats going on and if its anything to worry about my nipple is staying in more now and slight swelling under armpit and in neck making me feel rough good job got my kids to keep me going


Waiting is the worst part. Concerned it looks like referral took a few days to go off.

Is there anyway of finding out which hospital they referred you to & try to contact the screening unit to check they have recieved your doctors referral?

You should hear within 2 weeks for an urgent referral; but I know mistakes do happen. I was referred for radiotherapy following my surgery last November; & no appointment until I chased it up. I’d been overlooked as paperwork not sent as it should have been.

Hopefully you’ll hear very soon; but don’t be afraid of making a nuisence of yourself.

take care

have had a phone call from choose and book got to ring hospital on friday for a talk to somreone and then get a appointment so hopefully wont be to long to wait it is worrying waiting and being in pain