Breat Calcifications

Hi everyone,
Like many of you I had a 50th birthday present of a routine mammogram appointment - went along expecting all to be well and was horrified to be recalled 3 weeks later.
At the referral clinic the radiologist showed me a bright white slash on the x ray film, just behind the nipple - she said she had to do a magnified mammogram and them the Doctor would decide if there was anything toi worry about.
Anyway - 5 mind later i found myself having an ultra sound scan - same area, but 10 mins after that they were sticking needles into me (core biopsy), but in another place - no real explanation given and I was in shock and didn’t ask any qiestions.
I have looked up lots of stuff since and now know that I have calcifications and that they must be concerned about them or else they wouldn’t have done all 3 tests. Results due on Friday.
I am scared and confused having phoned the breast care nurse and asked a few questions since - she said that sometimes the needle biopsy entry point is at a distance from the suspicious area and it’s all about angles - I’m not sure what she was suggesting is possible and I fear there may be more than one are they are worried about.
Can anyone tell me more about calcifications and whether or not treatment is likely and if so what the options are?

Hi BethT

I am sorry that you are feeling scared and confused at the moment, I have attached, below, a link for you to our publication on calcification, it may help answer some of the questions you have. If you would like to talk with someone about this or any other breast issues our free helpline is open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 on Saturdays, 0808 800 6000. I am sure you will be getting lots of advice and support from our large community of forum users.

Best wishes
Annabel (Moderator)

Hi Beth (Another Elizabeth? - me too!)
Sorry you’ve had to join here - but you’ve come to the right place - I’ve found so much suppport here from ladies who have been through so much, there is always someone to let you say whatever it is you need to say, ask whatever questions you need answering.

And yes, me too! 1st mammo following my 50th - recalled and had the joys of the triple testing.

It is all a bit of a shock, your head is all over the place, and it feels like this is all happening to someone else?? - And I am NOT going to say “try and take your mind off it…” That is just daft - NOTHING takes your mind off it.

Calcifications are commonly seen “at our age” - and can be for different reasons - including old cysts, I was told. However, if there IS something that needs dealing with - they are on to it. Best to know, Beth, if there is something to be found - the earlier the better.

It is hard to interpret which area they are looking at on mammos compared to where the biopsy “entry site” is - remember that the mammo is a 2 dimensional image, so where the calcifications show has to be then found in a 3 dimensional shaped boob, if you see what I mean?

All you can do until Friday is, be nice to yourself, do not let your imagination run away with you (I know that is easier to say than do!)Come on here if it helps.

Fingers crossed for you, that everything is OK, but even if you DO need treatment - it’s doable, and everyone on here will help you.

Take care, Beth - keep in touch,