Breathless with an annoying cough

Hi just wondered if anyone else on FEC has had problems with an annoying cough and feeling out of breath? I had my 4th chemo 10days ago and it has been much worse this time - by the evening I am like an old woman and cannot move without puffing and coughing as if it is the end of the world! I will call the GP or the chemo unit for advice but just wondered if this was common? Thanks!
By the way I don’t smoke and never have, occasionally get asthma as an allergic response but this doesn’t feel like that!

Hiya PW
I’d advise contacting Chemo unit and if you have any ventolin from your allergy response try taking some to see if the coughing/breathlessness improves. It won’t do any harm to you and may help.
I have Asthma and mine deteriorated to the point we had to stop chemo at no4.

Hope this helps

I had the same!I didnt mention it2 onc…It started from 2nd fec had it all through,finished chemo 5wks ago and im glad2say im no longer breathless and cough has more or less gone.Xsarahx

I Would contact your chemo triage nurse- I’m sure on my alert card it mentions shortness of breath as one of the reasons to call. It’s probably nothing to worry about but if you are very breathless it’s best to double check. That’s what they’re there for :slight_smile: all the best x

i had a tightness whilst on chemo all in chest thay did ecg but said all okay but it did continue and i still get a tightness now x