breathlessness, should it be this bad?

hi all,
I have finished my 6 doses of tac chemo, start radiotherapy april 14th, but have noticed over this past week that i am getting out of breath really easily, and not by a little bit, its quiet scary how severe it feels, is this the norm?
all through the chemo i coped quiet well but it seems as if my body is giving up on me know, im also quiet tired in the afternoons and have to have a power nap. i am only 45 but feel like a pensioner, achey joints an all!!
please reasure me that its not anything sinister, my mind is going in overdrive:-(

Hi Mandy, strangely I have exactly the same, i´m only on my 3rd FEC tommorrow, but I know what you mean it is worrying, i´m going to tell my onc tomm…

Let me know how you get on love Teresa xxx

just wanted to bump for you

good luck with the rest of your treatment

after reading a things i have spoke to my breast cancer nurse and she advised me to go to my local docs and have a ‘health m.o.t’ so have made an appt for the morning, will let you know what they say!
sorry your going through the same teresax

Mandy, let me know please how you get on i will do the same… good luck hun…

Love and hugs,

Teresa xxxx

just back teresa, they did an ecg and listened to my chest ect. he also took some bloods, but basically thinks its just a build up from the chemo, inactivity from not working for the last 6 months, and my lovely 2 stone weight gain on an already large frame!
so the wi is coming out of hibernation and the diet will start after this easter break as we are taking our caravan down devon to budleighsalterton and ive sooooo been looking forward to it, not going to ruin it by watching what i eat and drink!
hope your feeling more like yourself soon x

Hi - i had the same chemo drugs as yourself but had them as 4 x ac and 4 x tax… (i had mine before the mx) with me i got increasingly breathless as the tax cycles went on… by the end i could literally only go from room to room and still got breathless… it did settle down once i finished chemo and had the op but i found that after rads it got worse again and i would sometimes get breathless just sitting and doing nothing! I also had chest xray, blood tests etc and was told that tax can cause some damage that does gradually get better and i must admit overtime it has improved… (i had my last tax cycle in late oct 2008) i also found it caused ear problems which is also a common long term problem after tax… it used to feel as if my ears were permantly weird like when you have been swimming or on a plane and your ears are waiting to “pop” - but again that has now gradually improved…

Theresa x

I was very breathless when I was on Taxotere and had to shout to my OH one day when we were out for a walk as he was way in front of me and I was struggling to walk up from the seafront. I also got very out of breath doing simple stuff like climbing the stairs in my house. I would get to the top then have to stand there for a bit; going down I’d have to rest on the bottom step. It was really scary, but it passed about a month after I finished treatment with it.

thanks for your reassurance ladies, i suppose we all get a bit paranoid and think the worse when anything unusual happens, what a lovely future we have, stress and worry will become my middle name lol!
i am determined to have a good break over easter and wish everyone else a lovely easter x