Brilliant news

Brilliant news

Brilliant news I found a breast lump recently and I had my ultrasound today which has revealed nothing sinister just some benign breast changes which are harmless and I need no more investigations. I had convinced myself that the news was going to be bad so I am hugely relieved, I hope others going through this are helped to know that no matter how scared you get the news is often good- thanks for all the support- this site is great and I wish others going through this all the very best.

Hi Ginger, Hi Ginger,

That’s really good news. I’m so pleased for you. Just posted similar note for Joanne. I don’t take life for granted anymore and hope that all the worry you must have gone through may have a similar effect for you. Enjoy every day!

Best wishes
Francine x

Ginger with a limp too I read your mail and it made me have a bit of hope. My nick name is ginger too, and I just found a lump. Went to the doctor today and have an appointment for a mammogram on Friday. What was your lomp like, big what did it feel like. Hope I get the smae “ginger” result. really happy you are ok.