Bring It On........

I’m having the first of 6x FEC tomorrow 29th Aug - and thanks to all your helpful posts on this forum I feel well prepared; have taken my anti-emetics to the minute, have completed the big chemo shopping trip (water, water and more water, mints, soft toothbrush, mouth water, ginger beer, ginger biscuits, ginger tea, chamomile tea, cranberry juice, lucosade, various soups, prunes, scarves, thermometer, nintendo ds lite and the brain gym etc etc).

I’m having my hair cut really short on Sat - and have persuaded hubby to shave my head once it starts coming out (he has offered to have a sympathy shave - but I think that would be OTT). I did consider the cold-cap, but I’ve decided I’ll try eveything once… including going bald (I know - it’ll only be for a while). Have not made up my mind re a wig - I don’t really think I’m a wig person… I’ll either brave it out as baldy or wear a scarf and maybe a night cap (may still change my mind on this) - afterall, I’m off to a war against the big C and not a beauty contest.

I’ll try and keep you all updated with my progress and share any tips or brainwaves as they come along.
Hugs to all.

Hi Anneli,

well it certainly sounds like you’re more than prepared for your first chemo session tomorrow! Good on 'ya, I’m sure it’ll make life a lot easier having everything all to hand and ready to go if needed.

I really hope your first session goes well tomorrow. I started my chemo in May, I’m on E-CMF. I was seriously shi**ing myself but thankfully found it to be nowhere near as scary as I had imagined. I hope your experience tomorrow is as positive as mine was,

Take care and be sure to let us know how you get on,


Hi Kelly,
Thank you for your kind words and for your chemo list (found it in a different post on here…), which I found really useful!
All the best to you.

Hi Anneli

I am also starting my chemo tomorrow 6 FEC so it will be good to compare notes trade tips etc. You sound much more organised than me, I am currently enjoying a large glass of wine as it might be my last for a while.

Best of luck tomorrow.



my doc mentioned that there is no reason to abstain from wine during chemo… I found that for the first few days my taste buds are so OFF that it really tastes nasty, but then in the second week I guess my mouth tissues are regenerated, and it is yummy again :)) so I’ll cheer to good health with a good glass. and I’ll make it a large one. :slight_smile: a woman need what a woman need.

Good luck ladies
You seem to have the postive attitude you need. That will help you through your chemo better than anything. My motto was prepare for the worst and anything better is a bonus. I have two TAC chemo completed and number 3 on Friday which will be the half way mark - yipee. Good luck as you start the journey.
Keep you in my thoughts - When I feel down and sick I remember all you girls out there who are in this same lovely(!) boat as me and hang in there.

Stay strong


Lesley & Anneli

Good luck for today

By the way barley sugar sweets are good too

Marilyn X

Anneli & Lesley,

I really hope you got/get on ok today. Be sure to let us know how it went as and when you get the chance,


one down five to go and so far no ill effects. Anneli hope it was ok, let me know. Bit confused by conflicting advice from the nurses on what of the drugs they have sent me home with to take and not sure i yet understand the whole issue about taking or not taking steriods. I would prefer to not end up bald and fatter but i dont want to do anything that is likely to cause problem.

Don’t think my brain is capable of working it out tonight, i will ponder tomorrow and decide if i take them and with three weeks to the next treatment i can explore the options about cutting down there inclusion in the next cycle.


Thanks to all for your nice thoughts! My first FEC went alright - veins kept up well and the chemotherapy sister was one of the most positive experiences of the NHS so far…I’ve had quite a few ups and downs during the past 24 hrs or so - some nausea and my tummy is quite upset - would say it’s discomfort rather than anything worse. I was advised to start the steroids and antiemetics on the day prior to chemo and take for 3 days. The steroids have made me feel quite bloated and wired, but the big unknown is obviously if I’d have been worse without them??? Not quite sure I’d dare to experiment though and for 3 days in the cycle I guess they’ll be ok.


Anneli, you MUST take the steroids!! I believe it is v dangerous not to as they prevent various bodily reactions to the chemo that we are unaware of on the outside. please take them this time and then discuss with your onc next time.
Can’t believe you ladies have had a not too bad time on FEC - I had 2 cycles and was terribly sick. Also played havoc with my blood count so we had to abandon it for Taxol, which I’m still on. I would have had my last treatment by now, on the FEC, but instead I’m only halfway through - what a pain!
All the very best

Hi both,

some advice - please take your steroids. when i was almost 3/4 way through the chemo (finishing next wednesday) i was worrying about my weight gain and not having that bad a reaction with the chemo so tried to cut down on the steroids to save some wieght.I got away with cutting it down gentle but the next session i thought I’d cut them down a bit more - what a disaster - I had the worst session of all and the naseau and all the other side effects stayed with me throughout the cycle until I took the steroids on the next cycle - after that I’ve taken every one and sod the weight gain!!!

Hi All

I have just had 2nd FEC and no side effects, but do take my steroid anti sick drugs and the preventation ones without fail. And they work I have to say. Don’t think could bare to be sick. I agree with Kelyn you should take them, as we don’t know what else they are doing to help combat side effects etc. Don’t worry about the weight, just focus on getting through this as best you can.

Good luck with the rest of your treatments though and maybe you should talk to your onc or chemo nurses if really concerned with the weight thing.

Take care all and enjoy your weekend, whats left of it.


Hi there… I had my first chemo of FEC on 23 Aug… felt nauseated and wired for 4 days but have felt well ever since which is a pleasant surprise. I hope all of them go that well. Have u already had surgery or doing chemo first?

*best wishes and hope u r feeling well*

The steroids are only punctual: the doses we are getting aren’t regular, and should not impact weight gain. Years ago I had YEARS of prednisone for an Ulcerative colitis, and I can tell you: nothing like what we are taking now. This is really light, and helps a lot - so by all means: take them.

I have other problems with the other adjuvants/antiemetics: they give me the runs… ahem. I am going without (after talking to the doc), and I am slightly queasy… last time it was all clear, but I sat on the loo all the time… what a choice!