bristol cancer unit

Hi everyone
Its me again just received info from Penny Brohn about my stay in July , looking foreward to it , i think i asked if any of you had gone to this place before and some of you said you had been and it was really good , the only thing that worries me is the food . I really love my chocolate and bics ha , i wonder if i can sneak some in my over night bag. It looks really healthy which is fine by me as i eat very healthy anyway except for snacks which is nearly always chocolate of some sort . The only snack they give you is nuts and seeds and beetroot juice yuk. Ah well at least i will come home a stone lighter ha . LOve to you all x

I’ve heard that their vegan food is delicious but just in case I’m sure you could sneak some chocolate in.


I go to a support group at Penny Brohn. Its a very peaceful, calming place. The food is strictly vegan so ,yes, I would take emergency supplies!


my friend went to this centre, she came back saying she,d never eat anything with dairy products in again, so maybe it will put you off chocolate, if it does, please post all the details,it just might work for a lot of us, i,d give anything ago lol

Actually when it was in the old accommodation and known as the Bristol Cancer Centre the vegan food was excellent. However my one experience of the food since moving and renaming has not been positive. I am sure the only change must have been the chef - who is hopefully sacked now! Take lots of food

After my recent diagnosis with secondaries, I’ve been thinking about giving this a go. It would be a long journey for me as I live in Norwich. Could anyone who’s been give me advice whether it is worth the effort and expense. Also, as I would have to travel by train, is it far from Bristol Station.#

Hi Kelley

I think Penny Brohn is a bit of a taxi journey from the station…but one of the western women will know.

The Penny Brohn centre has an excellent reputation for its particular alternative/complemntary appraoch to cancer. It is rooted in a philosophy about diet and about the links between our bodies and our minds.I know people who have gone who say the expereince has transformed their approach to living with cnacer.

I’m someone who is sceptical about this philosophy but I have sometimes considered going…though probably won’t.

Why don’t you give the centre a ring…I am sure they will be very open to tellling you what to expect so you can decide if it is for you.

best wishes


Thanks Jane,
I have sent off for a DVD and information which I’ve yet to watch. But it is a good idea to give them a ring. I’m not sure if I’m clutching at straws as I’ve always been sceptical about the food/guilt theory but I guess I want to feel I’m doing something.

The Penny Brohn Centre is in a place called Pill, outside Bristol. It is a lovely peaceful site and the atmosphere in there is very calming. I have done a couple of complementary therapy sessions there and when I was first diagnosed and as I live nearby, I used to go to use the library, have lunch and browse in the shop. The residential courses sounded great but when I was receiving most of my treatment two years ago, they were really expensive. I think the price is lower now. I have looked around and seen the residential accommodation which is very nice.
Kelley - it is quite a distance from both Bristol Temple Meads and Parkway. I would guess at a taxi fare of £15 ish.