Brown moles - is this usual?

I have only just finished radiotherapy. The Oncologist spoke to me once during the treatment, but did not check my breast. During the last 10 days or so of the treatment, several brown moles appeared in the treated area. The Radiographers looked and said that it was not a know side-effect, and they were going to ask the Oncologist to came to see me for my last treatment. He did not turn up, and when the Radiographers checked he had left the hospital. I would have been happy to see any junior doctor. However, I was not allowed to see a different doctor because, although my treatment was at a National Health facility, I was treated as a pivate patient. I left a message with the Oncologist’s secretary, but she has not called back. I am rather worried.

Two question:

  1. Has anyone else had brown moles caused my radiotherapy?
  2. Has anyone else just been abandoned after treatment?


Thats pants.
My onc has said that he will see me halfway through rads, and at the end of my rads. Hes usually ‘floor walking’ at the hospital I go to for my rads (only had planning so far, start it properly on monday). Always looks grumpy like a tiger that hasnt been fed for a while if that makes sense and always has a quick chat with anyone in a pink top, which we all have to wear.
Ive got loads of moles and never really thought about it. But will be keeping an eye on it. If I were you id be on the phone to the secretary…and keep ringing til you get an answer. You shouldnt be left dangling like that…its not fair and its major granny pants. Chin up chick, and congrats on finishing your rads

Hi Elena,
Haven’t had any brown moles caused by radiotherapy so can’t help there i’m afraid.
But i would definetly get back on the phone and demand to see someone to put your mind at ease…you can not just be abandoned like that its awful, do you have a Breast Care Nurse? if you do try giving her a ring.

let us know how you get on
karen x

How nice to have your responses so quickly, it makes me feel less alone.

Karen, yes, I spoke with the Breast Care Nurse on the telephone yesterday. She offered to get me an appointment with the Oncologist, but I said that I wanted to make the telephone call myself (this coming Monday). I am just trying to get more information from you ladies, so that I can be assertive enough, when I get to speak with him.

I only had my operation privately because, by the time I changed my surgeon, my operation had become urgent. The new Surgeon’s National Health clinics were full. I knew that breast cancer patients get excellent service on National Health.