Bruised ribs after rads

Hello all,

Just wondering, I had my last blast of rads on the 6th of Jan this year I had the full works chemo first then mx with 6 nodes removed. The thing is my ribs where the rad treatment was given still feel bruised and I am still unable to sleep on that side as it is unconfortable. Anybody else had this problem? I will ask my breast care nurse when I can get hold of her but as I said just wondering. Thanks.

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I had WLE with node sampling (5/7 positive)chemo then 30 rads, finishing on 28th Nov and my whole area that was irradiated is still sore, not really painful, just sore and kind of bruised, it feels swollen a lot of the time, but I am assured that this is quite normal. Hope this helps but do call your bcn if still worried

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Hi Kinden,

Thanks for your reply well I’m glad I am not the only one, I suspected that this could be an on going problem but hey we live in hope, keep smiling.

Gilly x

Hi there,

I’m 2 years post rads and am still pink on that side, plus I still get twinges in my 2 bottom ribs. When I had my last check up in December the consultant told me I might never get rid of having the odd twinge. My left breast is achy a lot of the time and I have to wear soft supportive bras with no underwiring as it can lie on the lumpectomy scar.

Hi Gilly

I’m 8 months post rads and still unable to sleep on that side. The ribs dont hurt in the day anymore just when pressure is applied. Due to see consultant in 2 weeks and will bring up my concern about it AGAIN. So far I’ve been told its ‘normal’ to have pain there.

I hope yours clear up soon.

Love Judy x

I was told the pain comes from them having to irradiate the ribs as well as the breast area - in my case the tumour was very close to my ribcage, which required me to have the 5 sessions they refer to as a “boost” right onto the lumpectomy scar.

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for all your replies, it’s reassuring that quite a few of you seem to have similar problems. I did manage to speak to my BC Nurse today and she seemed to think all was fine and the rads were to blame, she did however mention that a younger patient she was helping who had on going pain ended up having a scan to see that all was well and it was.
I was blasted on the rib cage, although they do say it is just below the skin and wearing the gel pad is suppose to help but I do not have much fat on me, so I understand why and how my ribs feel the way they do it’s just a right royal pain! Keep smiling everyone.

Gilly :wink: xx