Bubbling pains??

hi, has anyone else had what i can only describe as bubbling pains in the reconstructed flesh at the side of my armpit? it mainly happens at night when i am in bed and is very uncomfortable, sometimes painful and wakes me up. i had my mx and reconstruction (tummy tuck) last october and this ‘bubbling’ has only been happening for the last few weeks. any clues??


Hi Peggysue

I think I know what you mean, as I had something similar a good few years ago when I had my reconstruction a few years ago. Plus many other weird sensations in my tummy!

I had a TRAM flap reconstruction, sounds similar to yours. I haven’t got strange sensations (apart from occasional itching where there is no feeling - maddening!) any more, so I think yours may settle in time.

But if it really bothers you, it’s worth mentioning to someone. BTW, are you trying to sleep on that side? If you are, it might be worth trying to sleep on the other one and seeing if this helps.



thanks, i think i roll over onto the mx/reconstructed side during the night and then the pains wake me up, it might be cramp of some sort. i still have a lot of fluid under my armpit so this probably doesnt help. i’ll maybe try and prop myself with a pillow to stop myself moving over. glad to hear that it’ll disappear eventually - another experience to add to the growing list!! and yes the itching where you cant feel anything is very frustrating!!