buddy request

hi everyone, i am a new addition to the trip neg group! i am 45, living in somerset and would love to chat to all who can relate to what im going through, but would be great if i could meet anyone local, i moved here a few years ago and all my family are in the midlands, hubby is great, but miss my girlie chats!
i shall be having my planning meeting next thursday but bc nurse has told me i will be starting on chemo first, then rads, trying to be brave but it is scary! hit me with all your good stories, could do with cheering upx

hi my name is sheena i live in weston-super-mare somerset but my family are in scotland so know where you are coming from,i diagnosed bc 5 weeks ago found on routine mamagram grade 3 no lymph spread had centinalnode biopsy and lumpectomy suffering bad nerve pain as had nerve cut to get to tumour waiting to start chemo but got infection.sound a cheery wee soul sorry just the way it is sure you will find friends who understand here all the best x

hi sheena, i had senitel node involement but other 14 node clear. am suffering a bit with pain as nerves come back to life, but sounds like your going through the mill with it, hope it eases soon for you. where are you having treatment, maybe we could meet and grumble together lol.

hello i live in weston super mare as well.im 3 yrs down the line fron lobular breast cancer ,have had the works now on hormone treatments have lymphodemia in left arm (sadly now broken as i fell over the cat !!!)have pain clinic appointment soon ,have liver involvement too but so far all good .where did you say your treatments are ? would be nice to meet for coffee sometimes and there is a local meet up in bristol fairly regularly just go to in your area for details .hope you continue to do well .take care .x

hi sheena here,having my chemo at weston hospital and rad at bristol royal infirmary,go mon see if ready to start chemo this week just want to get on with it hope you all have a good weekend well least got strictly and x factor!!ha!ha!

hi aroma and sheena,
im having my treatment at taunton but can get to weston if you both wanna arrange a meet. im in agony tonight, 11 days post op and lymph
site is a bit swollen and lumpy, back on the codeine!
sheena, hope you get your chemo monday, not that any off us are looking forward to it, but i suppose getting on with me is the start of our next journey.
aroma, sorry to hear about lymphodemia, how are you coping with it, did you realise what it was, im sure i wouldnt!
good luck to both, off to watch xfactor now!

hi aroma and somerset lady sorry been on forum loads and finally found you bitslow learning way round web,still not had chemo but looking like next wed booked in for picc line thurs chemo,i still having nerve pain month after op they say could be months been given amitriptiline but so zombied next day think just live with it,going to get house straight over weekend in prep for chemo keep myself busy hope you have good weekend take care x

ps forgot to say had gentle lymph drainage massage on my arm and definately helped pain may be worth a try x

hello ,hope everyone is coping ok with the treatments. ive broken my arm ,fell over the cat last week ,and its my lymphodemia one as well!! so not a happy bunny at the moment .lol! must say im up for a meetup for cofee whenever your free ,i know there is one at the end of the month in bristol .(see meet up forums ) but it would be lovely to meet locally if you want . hope you have a good weekend with plenty of rest .xx