BUPA Funding for Double MX and Recon

Hi All, I am new to this but just wanted to share some information with you. I was confirmed as a BRCA 1 Carrier in Jan 2010.(I have not had BC before but have a lot of family history) I had decided prior to the test that I would have a double MX and recon if the result was positive. I spent the large part of last year going through a lot of different appointments to get the sign of for surgery. When this finally happened in Sept 2010 I was then told the waiting list was 9 months. I checked with my private insurance who were very clear that this would not be covered. However I came across this article.

I contacted them again and referenced this in the call. They then asked me to get my consultant to write them a letter and they would assess the claim. I am pleased to say that they have agreed to the funding and I am scheduled in for the 20th Jan. So anyone with BUPA cover get writing!

What a brilliant thread - many thanks for posting. I was diagnosed February 2010 with surgery a few weeks later. Unfortunately I didnt realise at the time that AXA PPP ONLY pay for initial reconstruction, and as I now know, it can take several surgeries to get things looking ‘normal’ - I am now in a position where I need to pay (a lot of money)for all follow up procedures, so understand a little about the concerns.
Bupa certainly treat BC better than other PHI companies.
Hope your post helps lots of other women