Burning pain 4 days post op

Hello ladies, this is my first post. I have been reading posts on this site since I was diagnosed on 29th May. It has been a great help to me. Especially during the night hours of not sleeping. I have had a left side mx on 24th June. With sential nodes removed for checks. I was totally pain free from surgery up to this morning. When I woke up I had a lot of burning type pain around my surgery site, moving was worse but even just sitting it hurt a lot. I usually have a good pain thresh hold, but it did make me want to swear it was that sore. Has anyone else had such pain? I am taking codeine for the pain. Seems to have taken the edge off for now. I am a very positive person and usually take everything in my stride. Over the last couple of years I’ve have two hip replacements and bounced back from those op’s within weeks. (Relatively pain free) This time how ever I do think it may take a little longer. I don’t have a date yet for results for my MX. They did say it would be a couple of weeks until I hear anything. But to be honest, I’m just feeling great that the thing has been removed for now. They say I shall need radiotherapy but won’t know about chemo until they have results on the nodes removed. At the moment I have a drain in situ and wondered if this could be the cause of my pain? The CN is coming this afternoon to remove it I hope. Caron.

Hi Caron, can’t help with your query but hopefully nurse will be able to advise you, just wanted to say that quite a few of us who have recently had surgery are talking on the " had my lumpectomy today thread " we are all at a similar stage to you just post op (variety of different ops)and awaiting results if you want to join us. Jill.