- but on the good side...

Having been told to stop feeling sorry for myself I’m going to do just that! (there is just a bit of sarcasm involved with that) - And so I think we need a list of the good things BC can do for you, be it true, or tongue in cheek, or possibly pointed out by others.

*Only with BC are you classed as a ‘younger woman’ at 42.
*Having had an LD recon I’ve noticed that the lines on my chest have been stretched away.
*No expensive hair care.

Errr… That’s it.

Anymore for anymore? More than expecting this thread to disappear into oblivion!!

*No need to shave legs.

*Free prescriptions for five years.

*Lovely flower arrangements arrive at your door from people you haven’t seen for years.

Jane xxx

*Quicker showers due to lack of hair to wash.
*Some people actually want to know when they ask ‘How are you?’


Nice thread.

Echo all that Alto says. Too old to echo SCACO!

Also takes no time at all to wash and style(!!) hair.

Stella xx

Oh heck I know now that I really do have my negative head on this morning as I would have amended Janes post to “shaving legs less often” and getting a begonia from SIL!
Right I must try harder - finding time to not only plant things in the garden , but being there to keep them alive!
There. Found something!

Okay - positive stuff
I don’t have to work for 6 months
Free prescriptions for the next 5 years
Free parking permit for me and anyone else at local hospitals (they put various in the registration section)
Couple of free head scarves when I attended the Head Strong Clinic
No ironing, vacuuming, bedmaking for 6 weeks following SNB

Plus, I have met some great positive people online.

I know it’s BAD - but we just have to get on with it and make the best we can of it all. I try and find something to make me smile every single day.

Acquaintances and neighbours turning into real friends (makes up for the friends who disappear into thin air!).
Making great friends through this site - some of whom live close enough that we can meet up now and again.
Being forced to take ‘time out’ of the daily grind… and having time to think about what it is I really want to do with the rest of my life (still thinking about that one…).
Lilac x

Relationship with kids has improved, in my case at least. I don’t get so hung up on the little things with them.

Lots of excuses for nice lunches with people, mainly from this site.

Making new friends.

Clearing out “friends” who actually aren’t friends at all.

OH having the opportunity to show that he’s a rock. (And him doing so.)

On FEC, my fingernails have got stronger. (Sorry, Tax ladies!)

Got a small grant from Macmillan to help pay my car service and MOT.

Getting off a parking ticket by playing “the card”. Mind you, I wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been for cancer in the first place, so I suppose that cancels it out.

My daughters have appreciated being able to get off homework by playing “the card”, but they’ve been pretty good and haven’t done so too often.

The quick shower thing is great too, probably my favourite SE.

Being invited to join a “younger women” group (but sadly, didn’t quite qualify)

Saving loads on shampoo, haircuts and highlights

Time off work so time to organise house move

Free scripts

Not having to put up with shaving stubble in pits

I’m having chemo in summer

Right, got my normal more positive head on now, thanks to you lovely people who always cheer me up!

Having more time to be there when my children want to talk when they have problems (DD2’s OH crashed her car last night - he’s ok thank heavens but her car is a write-off, not too happy!!)
Seeing my littlest grandaughter at odd times during the week (can’t do that if I am in the office!)
Not having to have my hair cut, which I don’t really enjoy anyway.
Being able to play around with pretty scarves and hats when I want to.
Confirming that my DH is an absolute star and the best support ever!

And as others have mentioned, last and not least, getting to meet so many great people on here.


  • coming to terms with ‘friendships’ lost - that weren’t really friendships
  • enjoying old friendships that have grown deeper
  • making wonderful new friends, many local to me
  • time with OH and adult kids
  • time to love and appreciate my home, no longer an out of control chore bcs i had no time to be in it etc
  • time for myself and renewing my relationship with myself

and time…such a blessing


I actually DONT look like Sinead O Connor!!

  • see the ‘annoying things people say’ thread for link to her current ‘look’.

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Wow, some of you have come up with some genuinely good things, rather than just jokey.

*Time and a reason to reassess my life and where to go from here, having just applied for voluntary redundancy (past 60 anyhow).

*Grown-up kids taking me at my word to keep on with their lives, but checking to make sure I’m ok all the same.

*Still have plenty of blessings to count.


For me the positives are :-

  • getting up the courage to run a small business from home.

  • retraining as a copywriter

  • making it to the age of 50 this year, also my 25th anniversary and (fingers crossed) the end of my remission in November

  • getting rid of toxic friends and hypochondriacs from my life

My lovely sister coming to visit this weekend and ‘insisting’ she pay the £2500 I’d put on the credit card for the Oncotype test! And then saying ‘keep Easter free’ cos she’s probably taking all family on a cruise as she did this year. Great having rich rellies!!

Oh and feeling totally entitled to those few ‘meltdowns’ I’ve had, down to the trembly lip - at 54!


Meant to say - interesting thread.

Getting married 2 weeks ago and feeling so, so fantastic for a day because I truly forgot that I’d been unwell, although I have to admit I was extremely tired towards the end of the evening, but then that may be due to trying to consume my bodyweight in Tia Maria, wine and champagne lol.

Appreciating how precious my wondeful husband is,always there when I needed him most.

Watching my son graduate and how proud I am of him.

Finding out that people you thought didn’t care for you actually do

Enjoying the wonderful sunshine and thinking how happy I am to be alive.

Being able to be here to see my son and future daughter in law get married on Easter Sunday next year.

Having wonderful family friends and work mates who helped me carry on.

“Free tummy tuck” with recon

Got out of stacking hay bales last night!