Bye bye hair

Hiya, more hair departed yesterday, it’s pretty horrid tbh but the positive is that it’s temporary, it will grow back and the chemo is doing it’s stuff… I had my hair cut short, a grade2 at the sides and a bit longer on top, spiky. I think today I’ll go and get a grade2 all over, so I can’t see the longer bits coming out…
Have a fab Saturday and as my friend says “chin up buttercup”…
Positive thinking all the way
Love linda xx♡

Hi Lumpytits,

Glad to hear your thinking positively and I am sure other users will be along to show their support soon.

Best wishes,


Thanks Bonita, hope you have sunshine??
Hugs to all Linda xx♡

Hi Aine,
Thanks for the message. For the moment I’ve decided not to go down the wig route, hats, scarves and embracing the bald… for now anyway. Lots of hair loss today you can really see how thin it is on top ( I had the grade 2 on sat) but it’s so itchy tonight. I’ve rubbed some aloe lotion on my head and that’s helped. I will go and have a mooch around Primark, thanks for that. Hugs Linda :heart: