Bye Girls - for a few days !

Hi Ladies

Won’t be on here for a while, as am going into hospital tomorrow for my mastectomy and node clearance. Needless to say, am feeling quite nervous, but keeping myself busy today by getting the house in order and ironing up to date for my lot.

Will post again when I’m out, and feel up to it, but also wanted to say good luck to anyone else who is having surgery this week (Sharon, I think you’re in tomorrow like me), and those of you having chemo too.

Thanks for the great advice I’ve had from you all so far, and will “speak” to you again soon.

Lots of love and big hugs all round

Julie xxx

Good luck

Marilyn x

All the best for tomorrow, Julie.

God bless.


Good luck Julie

Yes I will be taking the journey to the hospital and the operating theatre tomorrow. I will be thinking of you

Good luck Julie and Sharon. You will be fine - it is the easiest bit, believe it or not. Lie back and enjoy those visitors, and some time to lie down!

Lots of love


Hi girls

Thinking of you tomorrow, take advantage of it, you can have a nice rest and be waited on for a change lol. It really is not as bad as it seems, take care.

Love K

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to send you best wishes too. I started a thread for you at the weekend (message for Julie41) as I didnt think I would be able to skive enuf at work to get on, but here I am!

Good Luck Julie & Best Wishes.


All the very best for tomorrow, Julie, I’ll be thinking of you.
Hope that you are soon back to your old self, or, ought I say, the “new, improved” version! Take it canny and rest.

Hi Girls

Didn’t think I’d get time to come on here again - have exhausted myself with washing and ironing today so am actually looking forward to the rest starting from tomorrow !

Lynne - am about to go and find your message, so will reply to you !

Thankyou all so much for your lovely messages of support - I’m not half as scared as I thought I would be, thanks to you lot !

Lots of love - you’re all fabulous !!!

Julie xxx

Hi Julie41

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, after being so scared of my op, it really wasnt as bad as I thought, still pretty major, but you do seem to feel much better about things once its actually done, the only way I can describe it is that it is the first step to defeating this illness.

Best of luck to you and anyone else about to have surgery


Hi Julie Good luck for tomorrow. I had my mastectomy and node clearance 3 weeks ago tomorrow. It hasnt been a breeze like my WLE and SNB but it’s doable. Take the meds and rest. Dont rush to get home either make the most of getting to put your feet up.
Take care, love Vanessa