ca15-3 tumour flare

ca15-3 tumour flare

ca15-3 tumour flare hi diagnosed with secondary ca 09/06 had course of taxol just started zoladex and femera 1/12 ago ca-15 went up dramatically after 2 weeks of starting although i feel well. is this potentially a result of the treatment, or are things deteriorating my oncologist is adopting a wait to see over next few weeks policy although i am distraught. anyone experienced this type of result before

Hi Nicky,

Yes! When I first started tamoxifen and zoladex I had terrible tumour flare. I don’t have markers tested but I was in so much pain I could hardly walk - they all told me this type of response is good. The pain went away as quickly as it came. When I transferred to femara I was okay, transferring from one hormonal to another is a lot easier.

As you say just keep an eye on it as is your Onc, hopefully this will ‘just’ be a good response to the femara.

Good luck

Love Twinkle xoxo

Hello Nicky, I have the 15-3 markers taken every month. At the very start of my treatment my markers went up but then came down again.
I’m now on my second hormonal (Arimidex) and my markers remained static for the first 3 months but then took a dramatic dive and (so far) they have remained within the ‘‘normal’’ range for over 2 years now so please take heart and I hope your next markers will show Femara’s working for you.

thanx Would like to thank you both for your replies, it helps so much to have the support of others who know and understand the experience and concerns you are going through, i only wish i had joined earlier, but hey i’m here now, thanx again nicky :slight_smile: