Calcification & adonema - can i believe core biopsy is correct

Hello peeps

i wasprpeared for mastecomy by BC nurse and doctors last week, went in this week to get results of Core biopsy and book dates for mastectomy to be told i have a benign condition of calcification and some ademoma - non malignant lumps. No one suggested removing anything and told me they had 4 radiologists discuss and agree that it was benign.

anyone else had the same/

Can I believe them?

I have been to hell and am not sure if I’m on the way back or not.

They were so sure last week, and now say its benign.

I am shattered with all the worry but a bit frightened to belive the good news.

What should i do?


I think you should be absolutely delighted and jump for joy, and think you’ve had a lucky escape. However, if you are still concerned you could always ask your GP if you could be sent for a second opinion by someone else, and then you would have your mind put at rest.

I was more or less told from my first FNA that there was a suspicion of malignancy, and then after core biopsies was finally told definitely invasive lobular breast cancer. This was 3 years ago and went on to have bilateral mastectomies and recon. However, I am in a similar position now because of some tests on my liver, initially ultrasound showed two small patches that they said liver metastases couldn’t be excluded. Then an MRI said it was just a cyst and hemangioma. However, that was 6 months ago, and I still get niggles in my liver area and right sided shoulder pain, and I am worried that they might have missed something, but then an MRI is supposed to be fairly conclusive, but like you worried that something has been missed. Think I am going to ask for a second opinion.

I am sure everything is okay if four Radiologists came up with the same conclusion, but why don’t you chat to your GP and see what he/she feels about a second opinion.


Thanks Julie I do feel guilty that Im not jumping for joy but they were just so sure before the biopsies. I may ask the hosp for more detail on the bios maybe you could speak to your doc. hosp and ask for reassurance too?

Thanks for your concern


Hi Dulcie

I am so happy for you that you don’t have anything nasty to worry about anymore. I know what you must have gone through because 5 years ago i had a similar experience with calcification, they really thought i was ill but after a biopsey after which i had syched myself up terribly they told me it was nothing! I just carried on having yearly mammos which i paid for at the local private hospital and when something did show up NOTHING TO DO WITH CALCIFICATION i was very quickly sorted out. That is what i suggest you do, ask for yearly mammos on the NHS especially after that scare.

I also have calcification on my right breast but have been told it is benign so am not going to worry about that. Usually after a mammo it is sent to 2 different hospitals and so about 4 different radiographers see it which certainly lessons the margins for mistakes, i would definately say you are totally ok, just enjoy your life now and don’t worry about it again. How lovely to hear a happy outcome and thank you for sharing it with us.

Best wishes