calcification speckles what are they?

Just found this site so I’m hoping someone out there can help? To cut a long story short I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2004 had 5 months of horrible chemo (which was very successful) a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.All has been well with clear mammo results until last week when I got a letter telling me that slight calcification speckles had been found I felt really sick when I read it.I had a biopsy a couple of days ago a deeply unpleasant experience and am now waiting for an appointment to discuss the results.I had never heard of these “speckles” and would like to hear from anyone who has had this problem and what the treatment ended up being please?? I gather from looking them up they can be pre cancerous cells but that all I’ve found out so far.

Hi missislady,

I’m sorry you’ve got this worry. It sounds like you might have DCIS which is revealed by the presence of white calcification speckles. If it’s widespread, they might recommend a mastectomy, but the good news is that might be all the treatment you need with no chemo necessary unless they find tumour cells anywhere else (ie in your nodes) as they did in my case.

I do hope you find out soon and can get your head around the situation but I do understand the torment of waiting to find out what’s going to happen - it’s the worst feeling in the world!

Hi missislady

I think there are 2 types - microcalcification and macrocalcification - the micro can be cancerous and the macro is usually benign so it just depends which type yours is. But was told that 50% of ladies over 50 have the benign ones and they don’t need any treatment. So here’s hoping you fall into that category.

Love Jo xx

Thanks for your input. I have calmed down slightly since having the biopsy.My mum is here on holiday so that has taken my mind off things.No appointment as yet for the results seemingly it takes 10 days for the biopsy to be processed.Glad to hear that no more chemo may be involved as I wouldn’t like to go through that again.My prevailing emotion is one of real disappointment and anger that after nearly a year of treatment it has possibily come back after just 4 years. I suppose I shouldn’t think the worse but it is only natural I suppose.

Hi missislady

I had a mammogram on turning 50 to be recalled for a biopsy on an area of calcification, when I got the results, there are cell changes, I was told there was a second area and needed a second biopsy, the result came back ok. So waiting for an op, wide local excision, on 5th to remove the 1st one and hoping it all goes in 1.

I hope you are clear, there is a very good chance you are.


Hi missilady,
I am in a similar position to you, had a mammo last week and they told me then that there was calcification. Waiting for a biopsy next week. I only finished my last treatment two years ago. If it is DCIS I am expecting an operation and might only need radiotherapy. I hope not as I am starting a Masters course in September and will be away from home during the week so won’t be able to go to my local hospital daily. Whatever happens I expect to be fit and well by next July as I am going rafting down the Grand Canyon, and there is no way I’m missing that!