I just got off the phone with my bcn who said that my one year mammo shows calcifications on my left breast. A doctor will be reporting it on Monday and asking for further tests.

I’ve read the leaflet about breast calcifications and understand it, but as the bcn said, given my history…I had a right mx in August last year, grade 3, lymph nodes removed, and have had chemo (3 x FEC, 3 x Taxotere), plus rads and am now having Herceptin. Anyone got experience of this, or advice?


Hi Cat

I had some calcification in my good breast - I had various biopsies to ascertain whether it was harmful or harmless and thankfully that side was harmless and remains so 2 years later. They sometimes cannot tell what type it is unless they biopsy it.
Good luck
Ruby xx

Thanks, Ruby, I appreciate your input. If anyone else has experience of this, please let me know. Am going insane with worry at the mo.

Hi Cat,

I haven’t much experience but in case it is useful:

When I had my mammogram at dx they saw calcifications - and so did I when they pointed it out. What they said to me then was that some calcifications are benign and only a biopsy can be sure. They went on to say that they thought (I think from the shape) that it was likely not benign and the ultrasound reinforced this.

Not sure that this takes you any further forward but it reinforces the fact that some calcifications are, like Ruby’s, benign and others, like mine, not. This is all a horrible business with so many causes for panic. Fingers crossed for you.

Eliza xx

Hi Cat

I had calcification in both breasts. The right was cancerous and DCIS and the left was benign. So hopefully yours will be benign.
Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you as well
Carol x