I was diagnosed with (DCIS) breast cancer in left breast in May 2005. Had mastectomy - all went well - no medication or any other treatment. Went for my 6 monthly check today and had scan and a mammogram which showed calcifications in my right breast (about 3). My radiologist wants to look at my previous x-rays to compare (which I hadn’t got with me). However, I looked at them when I got home and can see that these calcifications were not there 6 months ago. Having looked on the internet it states that calcifications are associated with extra breast cell activity. My consultant has told me not to worry, which I am of course!. I just wondered if anyone else has had calcifications?

Hi Sarav

Welcome to the forums, I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with the help and advice you need, in addition you may find our publication about calcifications helpful to read, you can read it via the link given below… It contains information about other support you can access too, such as our helpline and ‘Ask the Nurse’ service so do contact us if you need any further support or information;

Best wishes

Hi Sarav

I had different types of calcification in each breast. Some types of calcification happen with age and are not dangerous and some types needs to have treatment. I had cancer in one of my breasts plus calcification of the cancerous type which was quite widespread so I had a mastectomy on that side. The other side contains calcification too but has been left alone and is being kept an eye on as it’s not the cancerous type.

The link above should give you more information and your doctor should tell you what type of calcification you have.

Ruby x

Thanks for your reply Ruby - I’ve just looked on the link above which was very helpful. The radiologist now has my x-rays, so I hope to hear something soon x