Hello im new and really need some advise
I had a mammogram routine yesterday and i glanced over and saw white lines in the picture taken . Also on one there is a white mass . I have googled images and it looks like it could be calcifications ? I have read up on these and understand they can be cancer .
Has anyone else seen this on their scsn or had thee and been diagnosed with the dreaded
I am worried sick i am single mom to 4 and cant be sick ?.. the nurse to make things worse said good luck on the way out ?



I am just reading your post, if  I understand it correcty you have just had a routine 3 yearly mammogram  and you have not been referred after finding a lump or anything?


If that is the case I think you need to take a deep breath and wait to see what the results of the mammogram come back as.  The mammogram results will be viewed by someone who is experienced in looking at these, so just because you have seen something on a image yourself does not mean that you will be diagnosed with breast cancer.


Please do not google generally about breast cancer, there is a lot of out of date stuff and misinformation on the web that will only scare the living daylights out of you, as you have discovered.


Did they tell you that you should hear in about 2/3 weeks time?  I would not read anything at all into the nurse saying good luck, she probably says it to everyone and does not mean that she knows if there is something wrong.


Helena xxx