Calcium in the Blood????

Does it mean if they find calcium in the blood that i have bone mets???

Its played on my mind since Friday, when the consultant said they would take blood and test for it.

I have never looked at secondaries or anything as i am still hoping i am ok. so dont know a thing about treatment tests or anything, always think its good to be knowledgable as they take more notice of you.

Also do veins ever get better? I am over a year since chemo and no veins. when they find one it wont give blood. Excruciating having blood taken from wrist after he left me black and blue from other veins which were not ‘playing’

Know somone will be able to ans me here.


Hi R

Rather than trying to explain to you why not take a peek at this link as it gives quite a good explanation of the why’s and if’s… etc…

Hope your test comes back ok.


Thanks for that. Gosh i am so low today cant stop crying the fear is so great.


Hi liverbird sorry to hear you are having more tests girl, this disease really is the pits never a day without worry of some sort. We all have calcium in our blood, they are probably checking just to be safe, cos you have a bad hip, as you can see by the lab tests varies complaints can affect the calcium levels in our blood.

Keep your chin up girl, good luck

I am just wanting to send you my best wishes as I know exactly how you are feeling. I am also waiting for further tests and results and have to admit that I was shaking from head to foot as they described the possible outcomes.

Not worrying is not an option. I can only suugest some form of diversion. Try watching a Favourite DVD or meeting friends to try and take your mind off the situation , for a brief respite from the fear.
Very best Wishes

Hi - just want to wish you luck. I know it is easy to say but try not to panic quite a few things can lead to abnormal calcium levels. It is hell waiting for tests, i am waiting for a liver scan after having abnormal liver function picked up in bloods also pain. My gut feeling is it is a hang over from the chemo, however gardening and walking feverishly to distract my self. Hey I may lose some weight!!

Hold on in there - love Swanie.