Call for evidence on breast cancer medicine eribilin (Halaven)

Dear All, I am posting on behalf of our team based in our Scottland offices in Glasgow.  Please take some time to read and respond, this will hopefully positively affect the use of eribilin in Scotland.

The pharmaceutical company that manufactures the breast cancer medicine eribilin (Halaven) recently submitted an application to the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) so it can be made available for use on the NHS in Scotland.

As part of the SMC’s process for considering new medicines the pharmaceutical company has requested it is evaluated as part of a Patient And Clinical Engagement (PACE) process.

Eribilin (Halaven) will be evaluated at a PACE meeting on June 9, 2015. This will involve patient groups - such as Breast Cancer Care - and clinicians presenting evidence on the benefits, such as improved quality of life, the medicine has for patients.

This evidence is then considered by SMC at a full meeting and its members will then take this into account when voting on whether to make the medicine available on the NHS in Scotland.

Breast Cancer Care would like to talk to women and their partners/carers that have taken or are currently taking eribilin (Halaven) so that we can give evidence at this PACE meeting.

Please contact Nicolas White, Head of Scotland at Breast Cancer Care, before Friday 29 may if you would like to help us gather this evidence.

Best wishes and thank you for taking the time to read and respond


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I had this  treatment  in 2013 thanks to the  Cancer  Drugs  Fund  -in England .